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An important aspect of tasawwuf (Islamic Spirituality/Sufism) is to cultivate those virtues and qualities of character that would encourage a sense of togetherness amongst people. In pursuit of this communal sense of elevated and loving togetherness, symbolised in the very word that defines the nature of the global Muslim community viz. ummah (a word with its etymological roots in the idea of the concept “mother”) one of the virtues Islam encourages to cultivate is that of forgiveness.

To pardon and forgive others for the wrongs done against one is one of the greatest acts of grace any human being is capable of. And why should it not be so? Forgiveness is something we constantly seek from Allah. But it certainly makes little sense if we seek that forgiveness while we, ourselves, refuse to be the well-springs of such forgiveness for our fellow human beings. As Muslims we are often aware and seemingly conscious of observing the laws of Islam. It behoves us equally, if indeed not more so, to embrace its spirit. Laws are there to regulate the affairs of society, not necessarily to create unity. Unity, or oneness of spirit, can only be realised within the spiritual and ethical framework of Islam. Not anywhere else. Those with bad manners – regardless of how erudite they might be or claim to be – are repulsive people. “Manners maketh the man” is a timeless truth.



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