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O Allah, I ask You to place Light in our minds and in our thinking;

To place Light upon our tongues and in our speaking;

To place Light in our hearts and in our understanding;

And to guide us with the Light of wisdom to our final parting.

May all of us embrace, and be embraced, by the Light.

Allahu Nur as-Samawat wa l-‘Ard…

Nur ‘ala Nur yahdi Allahu li nurihi man yasha’

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth…

Light upon Light, Allah guides to His Light whomsoever He wills.” (24:35)




Eid Mubarak to everyone.


Sh Seraj Hendricks


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Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyyah al-Ansari

All praise belongs to Allah Who has declared the month of Ramadan the lord of all months and Who has perfected its glory in so far as He has placed it as a well-spring of blessings and grace. In it He has revealed the Quran as a warning, as a healing and as a guidance to all that resides within (our) breasts.

I praise Him, the Glorious, the Sublime; and I turn to Him in repentance with complete trust and with complete dependence. And I bear witness that there is no deity other than Allah, the Unique, the One without peer – Majestic and Exalted. The One Who stands in no need of companion or offspring.

I bear witness that our master and our Prophet Muhammad is His servant and His messenger – a Prophet who has come to us with clear proofs and as a Guide.

May the blessings of Allah be upon him, his family and his companions – blessings and peace that are perennial and constant, endless and eternal – and may he be granted the greatest salvation.

Bondsmen of Allah, the one who exerts his soul with obedience to Allah has indeed regaled it. And the one who has disciplined it through performance of the Divine commands and avoidance of the prohibitions has indeed set it free. And the one who wishes to enter the Garden, let him repent, for repentance during this month is the key to the Garden. So be conscious of Allah, O bondsmen of Allah, and turn in repentance to Him; for Allah, the Exalted, has full knowledge of all that you are.

This is the month of fasting, this is the month of vigilance in prayer, this is the month of the Sovereign perfected in knowledge. This is the month of giving and cementing the ties of kinship. This is the month of support and care for th0se who are poor and those who are orphans. This is the month of feeding and the spreading of peace. This is the month in which the Quran is constantly recited. This is the month during which the doors of the Garden are opened and the doors of Perdition are closed. This is the month in which Allah purifies the corporeal human condition, illuminates the created order and bestows upon all things the blessings of His beneficence.

O you (unbeknownst): how is it possible for one to fast while he devours the flesh of his fellowmen through backsliding and slander? Or how is it possible for one to pray while his heart is in one place and his body in another? Or how is it possible for one to give in charity from that which has been procured unlawfully? In this case his likeness is that of one who clothes another while he himself remains naked.

The truth I speak; and the truth –  for all – is bitter and difficult to bear. Each one of us is alike in this – the speaker and those who listen. In this our misfortune is one! For indeed “from Allah we come, and to Him we will return.”

Said the Prophet (pbuh): “The sleep of one who fasts is a form of worship; one’s silence is a glorification of Allah; the reward of one’s deeds are multiplied manifold; one’s prayers are answered; and one’s sins are forgiven.”

Translated by: Sh Seraj Hendricks

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Allah says: “Say, He is Allah, the Unique (Ahad), the Absolute, the Sempiternal (Samad)…” (Qur’an, 112: 1-2).

Also: “That God does not change the condition of a people unless they effect the necessary change within themselves.” (Qur’an, 13: 11).

Within the framework of Ramadan and with a view to the Hajj I would like to examine two critical ideas that impact upon the making or unmaking of the ego (nafs – part of the anfus mentioned in the ayah) – the ideas of sincerity and change.

The Samadiyyah of Allah refers to two aspects:

1) His absolute independence from all things and,

2) The absolute dependence of all things on Him.

When we say

He (Huwa) is Allah, the Unique (Ahad), the Absolute, the Sempiternal (Samad)

the “Huwa” (He) here – while personalizing Allah in a sense so that we might relate and identify with His “Presence” – simultaneously references Allah in His absolute freedom from all need.

What is the relevance of this to the fast of Ramadan and Ikhlas (sincerity) – the name of the surah? In a very critical sense it has everything to do with Ramadan. “Ikhlas” has been variously defined as the Zahir (the outer) and the Batin (the inner) of a person mirroring each other, or as doing things exclusively for the sake of Allah alone (li wajhi Allah).


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